5 Signs A Salvage Vehicle Is Right For You!

Ever wondered if salvaged vehicles were right for you? Look no further: if any of these signs apply to you, then it might just be time to hit a salvage auction.

But first: what is a salvage vehicle? A salvage vehicle is any vehicle that has been given a salvaged title. This most commonly occurs after the car faces flood damage, hail damage, theft recovery, or vandalism. Often, vehicles are marked salvaged because an insurance company decided against repairing them. But, that doesn’t mean they’re not worth repairing (especially if you’re someone who’s handy with cars). 

There are plenty of reasons to consider buying a salvage car, but here are our top five favourites!

1. Value is important to you

We all know that a new vehicle loses value as soon as you drive away from the dealership! Vehicles are a big investment, and they are also a tough investment to protect as they tend to depreciate quite quickly. 

If you’re looking for a deal on a vehicle, salvage auctions are definitely the right place for you. You can find new high end vehicles with little-to-no damage at a fraction of the cost straight off the lot. 

Salvage cars cost significantly less than their new, or resold used counterparts due to their salvage title.

2. You don’t sweat the small stuff

If the small stuff doesn’t bother you (minor cosmetic damage, paint color, etc) then a salvage vehicle might be your perfect match. Vehicle condition ranges from just parts, to near-perfect condition. But, a lot of salvage vehicles average out with some minor cosmetic wear and tear. 

If you don’t have an EXACT vision of your new car, have a budget for repairs and are flexible with mileage, model and make – we’d definitely suggest you check out our auctions

3. You’re handy with cars (or you know someone who is) 

Sometimes salvage vehicles require a bit of elbow grease to get them up and running again. Take a salvage vehicle and turn it into your passion project for 2022! 

If you’re not handy with cars yourself, then now is the time to learn! Invite some handy friends over and learn the ways of car restoration. It could be your resolution for next year. 

If you’re not the hands on type, it’s recommended you have a good relationship with your mechanic before you purchase a salvaged car. They can help you set a realistic timeline and budget for potential repairs!

BONUS REASON: You’re helping the environment. 

In a time of climate consciousness, it’s more important than ever to repair and reuse. Restoring a salvage vehicle means less vehicle waste. Every person who chooses salvage prevents vehicles, which are often in amazing condition, from becoming scrap metal.

4. You’re looking for parts

Salvage vehicles are a goldmine for finding parts. Vehicles of all types pass through our auctions, from high end and luxury to obscure and specialty. 

Using parts from non-repairable salvage vehicles is another way of reducing car waste. Plenty of vehicles come in with exterior damages that are beyond repair, but the internal parts are totally transferable to another vehicle. It’s great value and environmentally friendly! 

5. You’re looking for a great starter vehicle for a teenager or a family member

Think back to your early days of driving. Most of us have at least one horror story of bumping our parents’ cars on a curb and scratching it, backing into a pole, or doing some form of minor (or more 😬) damage. 

If you’re a parent looking for a starter vehicle for your teenager, a salvage yard might be the place to look. Additionally, if you’re a new driver and want a low-cost vehicle that you won’t feel bad about beating up a bit, you’re in the right place too. 

New cars are an expensive investment for a new driver, dealerships sometimes overcharge on used vehicles, and you never really know what you’re getting from marketplaces like Kijiji. Information on the vehicles at salvage auctions are all laid out clearly and transparently. You’ll know the exact condition of the vehicle, where it came from, and the approximate damages. 

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While salvage isn’t for everyone, it might just be for you! If you related to any of these five signs, then make your way to a salvaged action ASAP. 

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