Summer Auction Gems – Trailers, RVs and Motorcycles

Summer Auction Gems – Trailers, RVs and Motorcycles

It’s summer time, and maybe a new summer vehicle is calling your name. Whether it’s an RV fix-up project, a used trailer, or motorcycle you can drive off the lot, online auto-auctions might be the place you’ll find your new favourite toy!

If you’ve never bought from an auto-auction before, you might be asking yourself: What should I look for when bidding on a trailer, RV or motorcycle?

But first, what can I find at an auto-auction?

At Impact Auto Auctions, you’ll find a mix of salvage, damaged, high mileage, aged, total loss, recovered-theft, fleet lease and rental vehicles. You’ll find vehicles in a wide range of states, from little-to-no damage, to basically-just-parts.  Auto Auctions hold everything you can imagine from your standard trucks, cars, van, and SUV, to unique hidden gems. We see plenty of summer favourites pass through our hands to yours; including motorcycles, RVs, motorhomes, mopeds, and ATVs. Here are some of our favourites to hit our auctions recently:


VINTAGE 1988 FORD ECONOLINE (Stock #11319694)

2018 POLARIS SPORTSMAN TOURING XP 1000 (Stock# 11331029)

How do I know what condition an auction vehicle is in? 

At Impact Auto, our auctions take place entirely online. This means you’re able to bid on vehicles from the comfort of your home! Since you won’t be seeing your future vehicle in-person, it’s important to know what to look for and where. Everything is laid out in the vehicle’s description, but we’ll focus on a few key elements to look out for. 

For example, check out this 2006 Suzuki SV1000 SK3. The top bar and the “Vehicle Announcement” section on the right-hand side holds some of the key information to look out for. 

On the top bar: the far left is the vehicle type, followed by transmission type (Std meaning standard), total kilometers and number of cylinders. Other key areas you’ll want to pay attention to are whether the vehicle starts, the AVC, and the damage estimates. 

The ACV is the Actual Cash Value of the vehicle, meaning the replacement costs minus depreciation. Think of this as the market value of the vehicle. The Damage Estimate is self explanatory, and is the estimated total damages and the cost to repair. 

Onto the side bar, this ‘Vehicle Announcement’ section includes key information about the types of damage (if any) and how the damage occured. It also details whether the car current starts, drives, and includes keys or a fob.

While this motorcycle doesn’t have keys present and won’t drive, there are plenty of auction vehicles that do. Some are in such great condition that you could drive them right off the lot! For example…

While this isn’t an example of a new summer RV, ATV, or motorcycle, it’s an example of something that’s basically new. This 2020 FORD F150 SUPERCREW (Stock #11264462) has only $643.52 in interior damages, drives, and has its keys! 

Can I use auction vehicles for parts for a motorcycle or RV I already own? 

Let’s say you already own an RV or motorcycle, but it has parts that need replacing. A salvage yard might be your ticket to affordable restoration. Any owner of a vintage camper or RV knows how expensive and rare parts can be for unique vehicles. You can even search and bid on vehicles that are considered “parts only.”

Let’s face it – the cost of new campers, motorcycles and ATV’s have gone through the roof in 2021! Everyone and their dog wants to hit the open, sunshine soaked road. Keep tabs on our weekly auto auctions to find your summer vehicle, or parts that match your needs, without breaking the bank.  Sign up for a FREE account and get in on the bidding today!